Flat Panel Display Industry

Flat Panel Display Industry



The flat panel display industry is also one of the main application areas for high purity sputtering targets. Flat panel displays mainly include liquid crystal displays (LCDs), plasma displays (PDPs), organic light emitting diode displays (OLEDs), etc., as well as touch (TP) display products developed on the basis of LCDs. Coating is the basic link of the modern flat panel display industry. Almost all types of flat panel display devices use a large number of coating materials to form various functional films. The PVD coating materials used are mainly sputtering targets.

In the production process of the flat display panel, the screen glass substrate is subjected to multiple sputter coating to form ITO glass, which is then coated, processed and assembled for the production of LCD panels, PDP panels and OLED panels. For the touch screen, the ITO glass needs to be processed, formed into an electrode by coating, and assembled with a protective screen and the like. In addition, in order to realize the anti-reflection and anti-shadowing functions of the flat panel display product, it is also possible to increase the coating of the corresponding film layer in the coating step.

UV target used for flat display is as follows:

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