Decorative / Functional Coating Industry

Decorative / Functional Coating Industry



PVD coatings are classified into decorative plating and tool plating according to their functions. PVD coating technology has been widely and deeply applied in the fields of building materials, hardware, lock hardware, kitchen and bathroom, metal clocks, medical equipment and tool processing, which has brought considerable economic benefits to these industries and enhanced them. Development potential.

Based on the continuous updating of iterations of smartphone functions, many manufacturers have focused on the competition in the appearance of mobile phones. “The focus of the mobile phone industry is gradually focusing on the appearance. Many businesses are trying to innovate in terms of shape, color, texture, texture, function, etc. The application of optical coating in mobile phone casings is increasingly being reused, and there will be more in the future. development of.

UV targets for decorative/functional coatings are as follows:

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