Semiconductor Electronics Industry

Semiconductor Electronics Industry



The integrated circuit industry has become one of the main application areas of high-purity sputtering targets. Each unit device is internally composed of a substrate, an insulating layer, a dielectric layer, a conductor layer and a protective layer. The dielectric layer, the conductor layer and even the protective layer are all subjected to a sputter coating process, so the sputtering target is prepared and integrated. One of the core materials of the circuit.

Semiconductor targets are important raw materials for wafer fabrication, mainly copper targets, aluminum targets, titanium targets and germanium targets. The semiconductor chip industry has been moving forward for half a century and is still following the "Moore's Law". In wafer manufacturing, chip sizes continue to decrease (currently below 28 nanometers), while wafer sizes continue to increase to further reduce costs (currently 12 inches is the mainstream). It is mainly used in wafer fabrication and advanced packaging processes in the field of integrated circuits.

UV target applied to the semiconductor film is as follows:

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