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Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Industry

Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Industry

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Solar cells mainly include crystalline silicon solar cells and thin film solar cells, and PVD processes are mainly used in thin film solar cells. Crystalline silicon solar cells have high conversion efficiency and stable performance, and various industrial links are relatively mature, occupying a dominant position in the solar cell market. Compared with crystalline silicon solar cells, the amount of thin-film solar cells is greatly reduced, which greatly reduces manufacturing costs and product prices. At the same time, thin-film solar cells have the characteristics of low manufacturing temperature and large application range.

CIGS thin-film solar cells, which are composed of Cu (copper), In (indium), Ga (gallium), and Se (selenium), constitute the best proportion of chalcopyrite crystalline thin-film solar cells, which is the key technology for composing panels. CIGS solar cells are the star of tomorrow's solar cell products and can compete with traditional crystalline silicon solar cells.


UV targets for thin film photovoltaic solar are as follows:

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