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Industrialized 3D spraying, Ute is the first to "head soup"

Industrialized 3D spraying, Ute is the first to "head soup"

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2017-04-25 02:10
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Recently, Utech's new material additive technology spray application has been successfully trial-produced, and cold spray (3D spray) additive technology can be applied to target repair. High-purity rotating targets or flat targets, for various reasons, can only be scrapped when cracks occur during use, but the addition of additive repair spray technology can accelerate the fine powder by supersonic aerodynamics. The critical velocity impacts the matrix, and the powder particles undergo a severe plastic deformation and combine with the matrix to form a new coating to achieve repair and addition.  
Cold spray, known as industrial "3D printing", is also known as 3D spraying. Preparation of anti-fouling, anti-rust and anti-corrosion coatings by cold spraying has been widely used at home and abroad. Various new types of cold-spray anti-corrosion coatings have emerged, marine engineering, public facilities, petrochemicals, public facilities, Many applications such as mechanical equipment will become wider and wider, and the application prospects will be very broad.
Ute New Materials is dedicated to the study of key technologies and applications of surface composite strengthening and remanufacturing. The supersonic aerodynamics accelerates the fine powder to the critical velocity impact matrix. The powder particles undergo intense plastic deformation and combine with the matrix to form a coating and deposit. The solid-state bonding mechanism between the particles and the deposited layer and the mechanism of defects and stress generation during the formation of additive manufacturing.
Taking a rotating silver target as an example, it is necessary to know that a sprayed rotating silver target is valuable, but in the process of use, due to improper operation of the operator or working environment, process, etc., the target cracks, and the crack affects the coated product. The quality, but with the new metal additive manufacturing technology, this phenomenon can be fundamentally changed. This technology can be used to repair metal “3D cold spray” with higher strength materials. The cold spray can enhance the “spraying” of local key parts, thus improving the service life of the target. Its effect and performance are better than the general additive. The process is increased several times and the manufacturing cost is reduced.
In the future, cold spray (3D spray) additive technology will be another important solution for the repair and coating of high-end equipment, oil and gas drilling, and turbomachinery parts.