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In the state of inert gas protection, use plasma as the heat source, the target powder is heated to the molten or half-molten state and form dense coating film on the surface of the back tube with high-speed impact. The target is made into sttraight and dogbone shape.


The main industry: Solar cells, architectural glass,

automotive glass, semiconductors, flat-panel etc...

Rotatable Target

A planar target mainly refers to a circular target having a certain thickness and a rectangular target.


The main industry: Decoration industry, architectural

glass, automotive glass, Low-E glass, flat panel display, optical industry, optical data storage industry,


Planar Target

New Product

UVTM is committed to building the leader in the magnetron sputtering target industry. After continuous research and development,  UVTM have got into the road of sputtering target innovation, such as 10mm thickness NbOx, SiZr, TiAl, NbZr target.